Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vote for your Favorite Shirt

These are shirts I designed along time ago and have never printed. 
Help me out by voting for your favorite!
Click comment below and vote for your favorite shirt and the winner will be for sale online next month. Once I announce the winning shirt to be printed then I will do a Pre Sale so you can Pre Order the shirt to make sure we get your size.


  1. I want one of each, but my favorite is the 'You know corn...'

  2. I like mark twain and "you know corn..."

  3. Ya - I'm thinking either "You Know Corn . . . " or "Wow." However, I think they all make great shirts!

  4. My favorite is the grey one with the power lines and bridge

  5. I like the following in this order (sorry i have problems making decisions...these are all great!):
    1. Mark Twain
    2. You Know Corn
    3. Raw Power
    4. the 1st the blue and yellow color combo

  6. I thought I liked the blue one or the gray one best. But then I saw You Know Corn. Winner. Every time.


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