Zach McDonald

I am an artist/designer who lives and works currently in Chattanooga, TN.  I graduated with my BFA (bachelors in fine art) with an emphasis in painting and drawing in 2008.  I have been working as an independent artist since.  Although painting is my passion, it is not my only love.  Everything around us is beautiful, both natural and man made.  Things inspire me!!  What are these things?  They are the things we use daily, the things we throw away, old and outdated things, the things in nature, the things we eat and drink and the things we wear. As an artist I strive in all my work to look at the things around me and to appreciate the pure aesthetic value of them.  Sometimes what things do or how they are used is not nearly as interesting as what they look like or what they could be used for.  So, as an artist I try to expose the under appreciated and the uncommon.  I try to look at all things in new and different ways and as a result reinvent or create interesting and inspiring pieces of art.