Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ode To The Vickster (My Mom)

MOM, I decided to use a way you are for sure to see my mothers day card to you, and you get it in time, and so i am using Facebook ha ha 
So here it is for my embarrassment and yours my Ode To My Mother the Vickster... 

This Mothers Day I thought I would showcase how well you did with raising me and Whitni... First of all, you gave us drive to be anything we wanted to be, take for example here where we were for a while (or at least a day) an astronaut and a police officer.

You also also allowed us to explore our creativity even when it did not make since (why does my idea of a bee have a mustache?) (We loved grandma Ted, but apples for Halloween are a huge let down).

You raised us so perfect that even our fights were fun and enjoyable!

But most of all you taught us how to be Classy! (mmmmm funnel cake) 

So Mom thanks for being the Classy Lady you are, with the best children in the world! Mothers day would not be a day for you if it was not for us. So thanks for having us. Thanks for setting me and Whitni up for success by being such a great parent and example. Whitni and I owe you a lot for growing us into the people we are today, Hard working, creative, classy people Just like you the Vickster (mom)!

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